May 7: Cadiz for Sienna

This was a very worthy final port of call and we were undecided whether to stay in Cadiz – which looked lovely from our balcony as we docked at 7am – or travel the eighty miles or so to Seville. Eventually, late in the day and tempted by a Sevilla on Your Own coach transfer, we decided on the latter.

We were not disappointed although never, simply never, have we seen a town so overwhelmed by Tour Groups (to which of course Cunard made a contribution along with passengers from Holland America, Thompson, Seabourn and other cruise ships also in Cadiz today).

I’d done a bit of research and we were determined to see The Alcazar Palace, the Cathedral and have lunch on the Las Barrios area (between the cathedral and the city walls). We managed the last of these, albeit it was a cheap and cheerful meal (of tourist paella for me). But the queues outside The Alcazar, even for those with pre-purchased tickets were enormous as were those for the Cathedral. We had only five hours and didn’t much fancy spending at least an hour in a queue as the temperature hit the 80s.

Instead we had an explore of the pretty streets which radiated out from the Cathedral, we had coffee and later beer and wine at pleasant and shady pavement cafes and we discovered a beautiful house – The Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija – owned and restored in the first half of the twentieth century. For nine euros each we had a guided tour in Spanish and English. It was beautiful, with stunning tiled floors, mostly reclaimed from Roman Villas.


Later, it seemed sad to board the QM2 for the last time. It looked stunning in it’s final World Cruise Port:



This amazing experience is almost over. I shall make one final post in the next day or two and offer some final reflections. In the meantime, I’m very grateful to the nearly 6,000 individuals who have viewed this blog more than 28,000 times. Rather to my surprise, completing it has been a very enjoyable part of the cruise.

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62 year old male on the edge of retirement and giving that a trial with a four month break. Not our first Cruise, but certainly our first and only World Cruise.

15 thoughts on “May 7: Cadiz for Sienna”

  1. It’s been a joy to read your blog, l’m pleased to read that writing it has brought you pleasure.

    If l may say, the completed blog will be an ideal reference work for anyone, myself included, who is contemplating an extended round the world voyage.

    Have a safe journey home and an easy adjustment to life back on dry land.


  2. Enjoy your last few days on board, I’ve really enjoyed following your journey and look forward to reading your final thoughts.


    1. I have also loved following your trip. We also do not do tours… We love to do the research on ports and strike out on our own.


  3. Yes enjoy your last few days onboard. Along with all your readers I have really enjoyed your Blog and look forward to your final comments. Safe onward journey home to Gods Country – the weather in North York’s is glorious.


  4. I stated several months ago that your blog is by far the most worthwhile of all the WC diaries. No bragging about your status with the cruise line or how you get to cut in line or how your group doesn’t associate with “newbies.” In fact you inspired us to try Cunard next year with a two week voyage on the Q.V. Thanks for all you have done.


  5. As you might know we have enjoyed your blogs and checked each day for new ones. You must have had a great time but it will be nice to return to the family for a while.. We are off on Monday on Crystal Serenity for 15 days so looking forward to that. Hope we will see you in the summer sometime.. Lots of Love.


  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed your insightful blog around the world.
    Thank you for taking the time to do it. I would be interested on your thoughts on the size of QM2 as opposed to the normal ‘midsize’ world cruising vessel? We have sailed transatlantic on QM2 twice but never thought her particularly suited to classic cruising.


    1. We like big ships and found our only small ship experience on a Regent Seven Seas Boat a little claustrophobic. But I understand what you mean and, as a cruise ship, we might prefer the Queen Victoria. But every time we anticipated rough seas and the time or two we experienced them, it was wonderful to be on the QM2. Its ability in high seas is remarkable.


  7. We have enjoyed following you too! We have done quite a lot of the stops previously so it is great to get your perspective, and tips! Sadly this time only did Australasia, but the QM2 was amazing! Enjoy sailing her home! Thank you!


  8. Being-a-dyed-in-the-wool Cunardar I have thoroughly enjoyed your travel blog. You have more than filled my weeks over the past four months with your travel reports and excellent and unbiased critique of everything on-board the ship and the various ports you have visited. Thank you Sir Martin! It has been great travelling along with you. Enjoy your last day and soon it will be time for you and Jan to enjoy re-uniting with your family and especially the grandchildren! Kind regards, Brian Lord


  9. Well done, have very much looked forward to your blog journal each day. I do hope you’ll give us all your final reflections / do’s and don’ts. Thank you for generously sharing your journey.


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