Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 February Bussleton and en route to Adelaide

Although we had a very enjoyable day, it’s a bit of a mystery why Cunard choose to stop at Bussleton. It’s a small town of 36,000, very reminiscent of small town America and without a port meaning or even a deep anchorage meaning we had to be tendered three miles into the town. We received a warm welcome with residents out in numbers to greet us and there were craft stalls and a vintage car rally (we reflected that we once owned one of the vintage cars, a Morris 1000).

The beach was just a section of a long exposed coastline albeit with a small jetty with ladders down into the deeper water and a shark net. But we were now on the Southern Ocean and the water wasn’t welcoming. The town consisted of just a couple of streets with a routine set of shops and some decent cafes. We had a pleasant breakfast at the Equinox Cafe and later we had a drink at Bussleton main pub. But for the rest of the time we simply had a wander and looked at the shops including a good book shop (and marvelled at how anyone can afford to read in a country where books or so expensive). The tender ride to and from the ship was lovely and the ship looked magnificent:


The two sea days en route to Adelaide were characterised by higher seas with a swell of between three and four metres. Initially, as we left Bussleton, the evening was beautiful with the sun going down over Australia:




Bus as turned past Point Naturaliste and began our journey east across the Australian Bight, the seas rose and the weather remained mostly indifferent for both sea days. We spent both mornings by the indoor pool. I attended the first of three talks with David Gower who was funny and self deprecating, saw La La Land (again) at the late night cinema, and a Beatles tribute Band, The Beatles Experience who had a Paul who was convincing in appearance and with a good voice, but with a George and Ringo whose only gesture toward the characters they were imitating was the wearing of ludicrous Beatle wigs. But it was an enjoyable concert and the night before we reached Adelaide they played again in the Queens Room where everyone danced. Cunard recognised St Valentine’s Day with the creation of a beautiful floral centrepiece in the grand lobby. Here’s Jan looking self conscious in front of it:



On Valentines Day itself, every female entering the dining room was presented with a red rose.

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62 year old male on the edge of retirement and giving that a trial with a four month break. Not our first Cruise, but certainly our first and only World Cruise.

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