Sunday 4 February: Mauritius

After such a perfect day in St Gilles at Reunion, Mauritius was a disappointment. A major reason for that is that we docked on a Sunday and although we were a very short shuttle ride away from the Capital, the Capital was – largely – closed. I’d realised, too late, that this was likely to be the case and had tried to book an excursion to a beach. But it was full.

We gave the sleeping Capital our best shot. We were on one of the first shuttles at around nine and we dropped at the Caudan Waterfront, the rather polished if artificial tourist veneer on Port Louis. There was a craft market there, but it was really a series of stalls selling the same downmarket trinkets. We had some rather good coffee in a cafe a little nearer to the town proper and went wild on the WiFi until we were spotted by a deluge of other cruisers who quickly swamped the network. We meandered around for another hour or so before choosing an Indian restaurant, Namaste for lunch. They had a nicely air-conditioned main room but, at our request, put a table on the first floor veranda and we had a lovely meal. I had two huge very welcome beers and bought four more bottles of the local brew to take back to the ship. Jan had Rose; the restaurant’s wine lost not running to white wine. It was a very good meal: if not particularly cheap at about £50 for the two of us.

We were back at the ship for about four and then, at about six and with half the ship at dinner we managed, for the first time, successfully to Facetime with each of the grandchildren.

We like doing our own thing and, whenever possible, avoid excursions. But this was an example where we should have organised something, not least when, as far as we could ascertain, the taxi drivers were planning a strike, which meant that using a cab might have left us stranded.

This is us two, reflected in a shop window at the waterfront and with the ship behind us.




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62 year old male on the edge of retirement and giving that a trial with a four month break. Not our first Cruise, but certainly our first and only World Cruise.

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